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Professional Evaluation Group is a public affairs and business consulting firm dedicated to guiding clients through political, regulatory, business and media environments in California.


Rooted in the California Central Valley, and led by John "Jack" Garamendi Jr, a 5th Generation rancher and businessman, our company offers strategic consulting on public policy, issue management, media, land use, education, legislative advocacy and project evaluation. We help our clients achieve their strategic objectives.


Because our experience and clients span national and international borders and environments, we have a broad understanding of global and national issues and how they impact the Central Valley of California. It is this understanding and our ability to work with different stakeholders that guides our clients to beneficial outcomes as they work in California.


We work with fortune 500 companies, venture capitalists, educational institutions, governments, small and large non-profits and family businesses to achieve successful outcomes. Professional Evaluation Group brings together the teams, the experience, the expertise and relationships to guide your organization through the California Central Valley and across the Western United States.

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